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Photo of Gordon Nore, 2023.

Words by Gordon Nore

writer • actvist • educator

Latest Work

Biphobia: Deal With It

A new addition to Lorimer's Deal With It series, which helps young people navigate discrimination and conflict. As an elementary teacher-librarian and QSA (queer straight alliance) mentor, I couldn't find any books for young people that discussed bi+ identities. 


So I wrote one.

Illustrations by Kate Phillips

Lorimer Children and Teens, 2023

ISBN: 9781459417212

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Biphobia Deal With It book cover. Lorimer Children and Teens, 2023.
A reader-directed exploration of biphobia and bi-erasure within society.

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Praise & Reviews

"Approachable and educational, with the energy of an after-school special."

Kirkus Reviews

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